Budivis is a manufacturer and trading dedicated handicraft and costume jewelry to bring local artisans and suppliers hassle-free online. 

We are working under special agreements with direct sourcing to get the best quality and prices by cutting unnecessary fees.

Why us


We are long the EST business over 13 years in Handicraft & Costume jewelry sourcing. Working together with various artisans is not instant and never more effortless. We already knew and experienced which artisans, suppliers are working excellent quality. It will help you reduce the risk of being the next victim like lousy quality, over the pricing waste your time & investment. 

Reasonable prices 

We are working under special agreements with direct artisans, suppliers to deliver quality, timing at lower prices for our customers. Our prices are guaranteed competitive.

Quality control

We verified suppliers, artisans who join with us from the beginning. All orders must be checked & inspected physically by our quality control in the warehouse before depart to ensure items meet our buyer requirement. It is like a private buying agent with zero cost for you.

All in one 

We provide customer needs such as labeling and custom packaging ready to sell if the customer needs

Regards founder

Budi & Visca (Budivis) 

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