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Very easy to order products and when they arrived they were wonderfully packed and stunning product, my new favourite items!. source from sitejabber http://bit.ly/2c8EDcr
Kar** Wholesaler from NZ, Invercargill
“Simply Beautiful!”
I just got my first order, and everything was made just as I had ordered. Mr. Darmawan was great to work with, and took time to carefully understand my custom orders. I look forward to many future orders!. original source http://bit.ly/2c8EDcr
sitejabber Dan***Wholesaler from USA, Texas
“Budi usually produces more work than expected, and he...”
Budi usually produces more work than expected, and he often completes his work ahead of schedule. and he works at a faster pace than normally expected for the position. my point is his product price cut of my budget almost double in the same item on internet with good quality. thanks. Alfredo Spain. Transferred from Reviewcenter.com http://goo.gl/jrTJc2 Value For Money
Fredo, madrid, Reseller from Spain
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They have very nice collection of accessories , friendly & honest. Transferred from Reviewcenter.com http://goo.gl/ZsG2kb
40Carson, Wholesaler from Cairo, Egypt
“Easy to work with”
I have worked with Budi from Canada 3 times. He speaks, reads and writes english very well, which can be a challenge sometimes. He knows what I am looking for and I am confident in working with him. He is very trust worthy and kind. transferred from Reviewcenter.com http://goo.gl/4em3YS
xkHooper353, Wholesaler from Pender Island, Canada
“wide range of costume jewelry"
beautiful quality products, reliable and fast service , friendly and professional welcome from Budi. transferred from Reviewcenter.com http://goo.gl/UUjSbp
MyleeMiller, Wholesaler from Barcelona, Spain
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Thank you Budivis for your excellent service. The product quality is very good and we were very happy with the overall experience. Budi was extremely helpful with sorting out our shipping and finding the best possible option. Will definitely be ordering more soon! transferred from Reviewcenter.com http://goo.gl/47klH9 Value For Money
LindseyRhode, Wholesaler from South Africa
“Excellent Customer Service!”
My first purchase from Budivis and it definitely won't be my last! Very pleased with the quality of the product, the price and most of all with the customer service. We were continually kept up-to-date with the status of our order which is always reassuring. I look forward to placing our next order. transferred from Reveiwcenter.com http://goo.gl/CxaQmL Value For Money
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I've bought from Budi 3 times now - great customer service and great products. I love their designs and attention to detail. I will definitely buy again. Thanks so much. transferred from Reviewcenter.com http://goo.gl/tYP5I3 Value For Money
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t was great working with Budivis. from the point of contacting them to the delivery time of my order, it was simply seamless. not only was the product very affordable compared to the counterparts in the market, their customer service desk was exceptional and the quality of service and product really amazed me. an overall wonderful experience. source transferred Reveiwcenter.com http://goo.gl/F3zR74 Value For Money
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