Wholesale Figurine Realistic Miniature Wooden Tundra Swan Hand  Carving Painted Garden Decor
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Figurine Realistic Miniature Wooden Swan Hand Carving Painted Garden Decor product code BV8465
This is handmade caring and designed
By special crafts artisans in Bali.

On wintry days, flocks of North America’s most numerous swans gather on lakes and estuaries or descend out of gray skies. A characteristic whistling in their wings, led Meriwether Lewis to call them “whistling swans,” a name still in use. These elegant creatures - slightly smaller than our other native species, the Trumpeter Swan - nest on arctic tundra and visit the U.S. Only on migration and in winter. Most have a smudge of yellow at the base of their black bill, but otherwise are pure white. more info

Item-based on homemade production
Not mass production 100% in handmade.

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Material suar wood
Size 20cm
Feature figurine decor
Color as pic

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