For small package order we advice via air as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT as requested. This is the fastest way to ship goods, door-to-door, but is quiet expensive. It's also the solution we generally use for jewelry order.


Two alternatives are possible: 

FCL (Full Container Load):

That means that buyers will pay for a fix price for a 20 or 40-foot container, whatever he will put inside. He can ship the goods whenever he wants, and like that synchronize with he production schedule.

LCL (Less than Container Load)

Thant means that the buyer cannot fill a full container, in this case, the shipping company charges per cubic meter.

Notes: The container will only be ship, when the container will be full, with other cargo's customers.


If the products have a high value, small size, need fast, customer urgent order AIR CARGO is a good solution for you. The buyer will pay per kg or per volumetric kg. (Depends which one is the heaviest). Minimum 45 kilos By Cargo, more than that as weights as cheaper rates you will get from Airlines


Normally standard production time per container is one month. But this depends on the items ordered, the quantity ordered for order less than containers, the standard production time is one 3 weeks maximum.


Every country imposes its own taxes, duties and other administrative fees, Customers are encouraged to contact their local postal service or customs bureau to inquire about possible import taxes. is not responsible for duties or taxes charged by the local government. but we can help you to everything is possible.